I have a passion for playing with paint, and I have been painting these wooden heart ornaments to give my friends and family since 2019. Then one day in a meditation, I was told I was "The Grateful Heartist". I knew then I needed to spread the Love and Joy these hearts bring to everyone.

Shown below are some of my current Hearts I have available for sale for the upcoming Valentine's Day season, and I will be adding more before Feb 1st, 2021! They are $12 plus shipping. If you want to buy a number of them, I will offer a bulk discount. If you wish to pick them up from my studio for no shipping charge, let me know when you call to order so we may schedule a pick up time for you. Thank you, and wishing you much peace and joy for 2021!
" The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude."
                                                                                           ~Friedrich Nietzsche